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Skilled Therapy services tailored to your needs

We are experts on improving balance, strength, mobility, memory, and functionality. You’re always invited to our fully equipped, on-site therapy gym, or we can come to your space for your treatment. We strive to provide therapy when you need it, where you need it. In addition to one-to-one services, take advantage of our complementary group-exercise classes, or stop by the gym for balance or memory screenings. Following discharge from skilled service, join our Wellness Program at no-cost to you and keep your strength and balance up for years to come! We handle everything – from communicating with your doctors and your family to working with your insurance company – we want it to be easy for you to enjoy the benefits of our in-house therapy team.

Our partner, Senior Therapy Solutions provides therapy the way it was meant to be. We provide care with a core team of therapists who want to truly know you and your family. This consistent, continuous care has shown time-and-time again to reduce the risk of falls, increase independence and confidence with activities, and improve your overall quality of life. We pride ourselves on being proactive! Let’s prevent falls and injuries before they occur and improve independence to help you age in place.

Therapies offered at the Blake

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Physical Therapy

Physical therapists are the mobility specialists. Let our team of skilled PTs help you get up from your favorite chair, walk or use your wheelchair, and improve your overall strength and balance so you can get from point A to point B safely and efficiently!


Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists are the functional specialists. Our OTs can help increase your independence in your day-to-day activities and your favorite leisure pastimes. From getting dressed, cooking your favorite meal, to taking care of your pets, our OTs can adapt the environment, provide equipment, or just help increase your strength and balance so you can get it done independently!


Speech Therapy

Speech therapists are our memory specialists. Speech therapists are experts in helping with memory preservation and attention through a variety of brain exercises and adaptations to help you manage medication, keep your calendar or just remember your best friend’s birthday! Speech therapists can also assist with communication and swallowing for clients who need assistance.

Identifying therapy needs in a senior living community aids in the success of aging in place and finding independence within the home environment. Upon move-in, new residents can coordinate with the senior living staff and medical team to initiate a screening process to assess current fall risk, safety in home environment and community areas, and any musculoskeletal, neurological or cognitive declines. The therapy team can also provide assistance in organizing, recommending equipment and providing home adaptive strategies that set the resident up for success in his or her new home. Staff and therapists will continue to communicate with residents about health needs by addressing any new medical concerns, collaborating with primary care physicians, and working with the resident in their home environment to reach personal and health-related goals.

    When is therapy needed?

    Physical Therapy

    • Resident has a fear of falling
    • Has new equipment or needs an evaluation for equipment
    • Loss of strength 
    • Changes in gait 
    • Difficulty transferring in and out vehicles/getting up from low surfaces in community
    • Shortness of breath with walking

    Occupational Therapy

    • Difficulty with ADLs 
    • Unable to carry items 
    • Cannot reach into cabinets or pick up items from floor
    • Increased trouble with opening containers or completing fasteners
    • Decreased activity and participation in hobby related tasks due to fear of falling or feeling confused
    • Anxiousness in new environment with lack of participation in activities
    • Disorganization/clutter in apartment home

    Physical Therapy / Occupational Therapy

    • Pain in muscles/joints 
    • Risk of falls/loss of balance
    • Dizziness
    • Visual changes 
    • Sensation changes 
    • Decreased endurance 
    • Transfer safety 

    Speech Therapy

    • Forgetfulness 
    • Confusion to task 
    • Difficulty swallowing 
    • Visual perception changes
    • Aphasia
    • Word finding difficulty 
    • Loss of interest in activity
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