Learn more about how The Blake can better improve the quality of life when transitioning from home to a Blake community.

With all the issues that seniors face when living at home, The Blake communities are here to offer relieving, beneficial alternatives. Listed below are the reasons why the quality of life at The Blake is a better choice for those struggling at home.

  • The reliance on their loved one’s availability to travel to and from destinations is no longer an obstacle adults will face. Once they move into our communities, they will find a scheduled transportation service that will always be readily available for appointments and various exciting outings. Seniors at home could also be at-risk for longer emergency response times, where at The Blake, they will have an emergency alert system ready to assist with 24-hour staff.
  • One of the most prominently positive benefits older adults experience, when they move into a community, is warmhearted, relieving companionship. As these relationships develop, seniors begin to take part in social, educational and entertainment activities every day. This is vital to their well-being.
  • Often, those living at home will have difficulty following their dietary restrictions or will just make do with prepackaged foods and a lonely meal. At The Blake, they will experience a special, gourmet dining experience, table service, a freshly prepared cuisine, dietary guidelines, and a full dining table.
  • Households chores can sometimes be overlooked, causing a disorganized and cluttered home that could become a risk to senior adults living at home. When they move into their community, they will be met with housekeeping service, complete with linen exchanges and maintenance provided by professional staff.
  • Exercise can become a long and forgotten thing for older adults as they age, and motivation can be at an all-time low when they are living alone. At The Blake, there are daily fitness opportunities made available to every senior at any stage, with motivation to increase their wellness, mobility, and strength.
  • Lastly, the sense of independence is nonexistent when seniors living at home are at the will of others with assistance on every task. At The Blake, we are here to serve with support from a professional, caring staff that values being discreet and welcoming, giving back your loved one’s independence.

While The Blake understands that making the transition into senior living is a big change, we truly believe that the reward gained far exceeds the alternative.

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